For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, The Summoning is a unique RPG, released in 1992 by SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) It is also my favorite game of all time. On these pages, you will find all the resources currently available for the game, official and otherwise! Please use the navigation bar on the left to view the different sections of this site. If you do not see the navigation bar on the left, please click HERE and make sure your browser is java enabled.

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3/2/2003: Cheats page updated to include several game tips/strategies.
3/2/2003: Levels page updated to include items of interest in each area: Quest Items, Magic Items, and the following rare runes: Dagaz, Odin, Perth, Fehu, and Mannaz.
3/2/2003: Items page has been update to include ALL items in the game. Graphics for all items have been remastered.

2/28/2003: Added WarMonger animated cursor for windows.

WarMonger animated cursor for windows: warmonger.ani

9/17/2002: Play the game as Shadow Weaver for the first time.

Play the game as Shadow Weaver: D212.SAV

You start out at the beginning of the game with a wizard's staff in your hands.. THIS STAFF IS NOT NORMAL.. it has over 65,000 charges. You won't even need to touch a weapon for the entire game (well except maybe for WarMonger). This is a save game file, download it to the SAVES directory in your SUMMON folder (or whatever folder you have the game in). Enjoy!

9/12/2002: All NPC portraits are now up.
9/12/2002: Added New Additions Section to Main Page.


Excerpt from page 13 of The Summoning game manual.
"A god of magic, a god of war, and a god of intellect," said Rowena. "They hail to us, these images, from a history almost legend. Remember, how these gods came to conquer man; remember how the armies of one lord held them at bay; remember the tower."
"Within that dark spire, the three gods hoped to heal their magic and their wounds, eventually to return for battle. But Lord Borel, having forced retreat upon them, had no heart to lend them the very time they might need to re-emerge. Alone, he ventured into the tower. Alone, he did battle with the gods."...

DarkSpyre, the first game by Event Horizon (1990), is the prequel to The Summoning.
It deals with Lord Borel and the Gods of Magic, War, and Intellect.

Dusk of the Gods, by Event Horizon (1991), was the first game to use The Summoning game engine (well okay its actually the Dusk of the Gods engine that The Summoning uses).

In Dusk of the Gods, a game steeped in Norse Mythology, you attempt to prevent Ragnarok and the fall of the Norse Gods.
All the runes (and in fact a great deal of the graphics and layout design) in The Summoning were taken directly from this game. The cinematic sequences and dialogues in Dusk of Gods have beautiful graphics, but the main game graphics are rougher than The Summoning.

The Summoning was originally released in 1992 by SSI; programmed by Event Horizon, Inc.
(Event Horizon, Inc. is now known as Dream Forge Entertainment, Inc.).

The original box copy included two 3 1/2 inch floppies as well as a 90-page manual, which is necessary to play the game.


The 157-page companion Clue Book to The Summoning was also released in 1992.

It includes detailed maps of every area in the game, as well as a listing of every item and NPC, with their locations.



Veil of Darkness was released in 1993 by SSI; programmed by Event Horizon, Inc. It also uses The Summoning game engine.

In Veil of Darkness, your plane crashes in a secluded Romaian town ruled by a bloodthirsty vampire. It's up to you to solve many mysteries and ultimately, find your way out of the valley... alive. (Check out the demo to this game on my downloads page)


In 1995, The Summoning was re-released on the compilation CD "Fantasy 5" which included: Kings Quest II by Sierra, The Magic Candle III by Mindcraft, Might & Magic III by New World, Populous by Electronic Arts, and The Summoning by SSI.

It included 1 CD and no paper game manual.


The newest version of The Summoning is version 1.2
This patch was only available online via the SSI website, but is now available only here.

Download the current patch: ts-v12ud.exe
Download the game DEMO for The Summoning:
Download the game DEMO for Veil of Darkness:

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