DOUG the Eagle presents:

"What is it you want? Money? Drugs? I can get it..."

"Hard drugs are actually a good thing, because they tend to kill off anyone stupid enough to use them."


Recently someone tipped me off that consuming excessive quantities of 'sweeties' could have a permanent affect on your Avatar's health.
These are the findings of my research into this topic.

Turn On

We need drugs. Lots of drugs.

First, get yourself out of Trinsic. I couldn't stand the puzzle anymore and used the 'stairway to heaven' approach, which also allowed me to steal a spellbook and some reagents. The disadvantage is that if you die, the game restarts because you haven't officially left Trinsic.

Next I went Paws, and found Morfin's stash, which is in his workplace. You will also need to rob his house to get a key.
Take the drugs and then head to Minoc. You should save before entering the swamps or you will probably have to leave Trinsic again.

I headed for the BMC building and opened the chest, taking all the drugs therein. In the mine itself, I searched all the crates. There should be two (one in the first room, one in a storeroom) which contain drugs.

We also need two vic.. er, lucky winners, to use for the experiments. We already have Iolo, but we need one more, so I popped down to Cove and picked up Jaana, for three reasons. One, she is a healer, two, she has the hawk and three, Cove is a nice location to get mashed.

We are gathered here together to partake in an orgy of drugs and violence

JM: You've already got too many drugs there.  That's enough to destroy 
    your body, to say nothing of your mind.

IM: It will destroy his mind AND his body.  And probably anyone nearby!

JM: It'll be like the scene in Alien.. where they cut it open and it 
    bleeds acid..

IM: I was thinking it would be more like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark,
    where they open the Ark of the Covenent..  His FACE will be like that..

Tune In

If you're trying this at home, save now, before any drugs have been taken so we can try various different things.

Here are the stats for our three lucky people:


I was advised by my informant that interesting things would happen if you took five hits of serpent venom. So this is obviously the first port of call.

I gave the Avatar 5 hits of the drug, known on the street as 'quicksilver' and watched. The Avatar's strength, dexterity and intelligence shot up to 30 points each, unfortunately not the 250 which had been claimed. I put this down to a different build of the game, possibly without the FoV add-on.

I gave Iolo 5 hits as well, which pumped him to 30,30,30 too, but I did not give anything to Jaana at this stage.


At this point I wanted to leave them for a bit so that I could see whether, as was claimed, too many drugs would keep the Avatar stuck at 30, or whether he would waste away to nothing as he came down.

To pass the time, I walked back to Britain from Cove, which takes just long enough for the drugs to wear off.

And wear off they did.

Drop Dead


Now, as we can see, Iolo is certainly not well. In fact he is virtually dead with no hope of recovery.. any attempt to heal him will be useless as he now has a maximum HP of 1.

Moving on, the Avatar is still at 30. Now that's very interesting. We seem to have a confused drug message coming from Origin.. "you can take as many drugs as you like as long as you're the Avatar"..?

I figured that the problem was that Iolo hadn't taken enough drugs to push him into the 'golden section' so I went back to Minoc to try and find more drugs to continue my experiments.

I pumped Iolo full of drugs again, (7 doses) and gave 5 to Jaana to see what effect this dose would have on her.

Thou dost look so well!

The result was still more interesting.


Iolo has now turned into a God, with the nearly 250 strength points described by my source. This enables him to carry virtually anything (but not LOTS of things.. bulk is still a factor) and he is practically invincible.

Jaana has been wasted by having taken too few drugs, and now bears the mark of the beast (6,6,6) so it would seem there is some truth in the idea that drugs are the work of Satan.

Inspired, I attempted to boost Jaana to Godhood as well. And that was when things got even more interesting.

A trip to the drugstore

By now I was out of drugs. Which sucked.
I was in Britain so I went to find the apothecary. The guy there buys the drugs so I wondered if I could find any about his person. I went to his shop but it was night and he wasn't there. There were none in the shop so I tried to find his house.
I found Shamino, who was in bed with a woman dressed as a mouse, presumably engaged in some kind of bizarre sex game. Having disturbed them I was chased down the street, but for all this I could not find the right house before dawn.

So I reloaded and tried the experiments from scratch. This time Iolo and Jaana both got enough drugs to boost them to 30, and then 3 more hits after that.

We were somewhere near the Minoc turning on the edge of the swamp when the drugs began to take hold.
As before, Iolo and now Jaana were elevated to superhuman status:


I went to find Lord British to get everyone healed so that I could find out what their maximum HP was. And that was when it started to go wrong.

Of Icarus and faulty gods

'return to health' isn't exactly the way I'd describe what happened next.


As you can see, Jaana has been totally momafied, with -17 health points, but this terrible wound pales next to Iolo, who at -122 health points, should not just be dead, but a smoking hole in the ground.

It's only by pure luck that the Avatar has abstained from overdosing, which gives me a functional party member to carry on with.

Now it isn't quite as bad as it seems because although Iolo is burned out and totally immobile, he can still be used as a container.. a barrel that we can drop things into by remote control.

However the game slows down massively when this happens, so I decided it would be best to see if I could bring them round.
Getting the King to heal them again won't help because he resets their health to maximum, which we do not want.

No user-servicable parts inside

I hit upon the idea of trying to hurt them so much they came back to life as the HP number overflows. I couldn't attack them with my sword as they were members of the party, so I went to get some gunpowder.

Light the blue touchpaper and retire

Detonating the powder simply killed them both, so I tried the converse and cast heal on Jaana. She came back but I ran out of magic points before I could raise Iolo, and I had to sleep (in the King's bed).

Dead gods

When I awoke, Iolo had healed in the night and was functional but Jaana had too and was now broken again, but only at -11 or so. I waited for her to heal up and she duly came back to life.

Caring for your new Gods

To keep your God working perfectly, keep it fed and watered regularly.

If it becomes dirty, wipe gently with a soft, damp tissue. Do not use alcohol-based cleaners.

On cold mornings your God may not start properly. This is normal.
To start a God from cold, cast a spell of healing on the God and it should come to life. Do not cast heal on a working God as this may cause it to overheat and shut down.

If your God siezes up during normal operation or in combat, cast the heal spell on it and it should return to working order.

For all other problems consult an authorised dealer.

I am the new way to go.
I am the way of the future.

Thanks to NeutroNova for tipping me off.

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