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What is DS-TS?

TS-DS is a project started by three brothers who are working towards recreating the original 1992 PC game, The Summoning, as a 'mod' in Dungeon Siege, the 2002 fast action role playing game by Gas Power Games Having thoroughly enjoyed playing The Summoning all of the way through, several times, has sparked wishful thinking in hopes of a recreation or a sequel.  When Dungeon Siege was released and the news about its modding capability became known, we were very excited about the possibility that some RPG fan out there would start making a Mod with Dungeon Siege's most excellent and widely editable game engine.  Well, no one did, so we decided we would give it a shot. 

Details: This is a complete conversion mod, or siegelet.  As much as possible will be incorporated into the mod.  All new weapons, all new armor, all new shields, ALL new items, new characters, new models, obviously a new story, many new nodes, definitely ALL new sounds and music, some new gameplay, and Lord willing, the GUI will be edited.  Adding our own sounds, we really believe, will help separate our mod from the original Dungeon Siege story.  We want this mod to remind players of The Summoning story line, not the Dungeon Siege story line.  One of the largest differences will be the great additions of puzzles that DS lacks.

We are looking for people:

We are currently looking for anyone who can help in any area.  If anyone is adept at modeling and animating, we'll need some help with enemy creation.  If anyone knows skrit, we'll need help with that, as it it a large project.  We'll eventually be editing the GUI itself.  And then also, the level designing is HUGE.  I can't do it all myself.  We are only looking for serious people who know what they're doing, not people that just want to be involved because they like the idea, though we appreciate people who like what we're doing.  Be sure to check out the screen shots area to see what we've done so far.

Please do not contact us if you do not know how to use Dungeoneering tools for Dungeon Siege.  You don't have to be the best, but if you have some basic knowledge and are learning, that is a good enough place to start.  This includes, Gmax/Siegemax, the Siege Editor, and/or pure knowledge of Skrit.  The only reason you should contact us if you don't know any of this, is if you want to help in the audio realm of things, OR, you just rock at texture mapping.

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