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The Team:


C.Ansel: Lead Designer, 3D Modeler, Level Designer, Web Designer, Texture Artist Skritter,

Ccntmnky: Sound Design, Texture Artist

Brulion: Data gathering, FTP Server provider & maintenance

Jaelus: Web Server maintenance and all around helper/contributor

Zaddy: Lead Musical Composer

TruLady: Level Designer 






C.Ansel lives for Jesus.  That is who he is.  Is this game a religious game?  Not really.  J.R.R. Tolkien lived for Jesus too.  He wrote a book called "The Lord of The Rings."  Ever heard of it?  That's kind of how C.Ansel hopes this mod turns out, like Tolkein's books.  It may be high hopes, and that is precisely what C.Ansel likes to aim for. 


C.Ansel is enjoying this privilege to express his creativity through a medium that he loves: video games.  He is also thankful to practice leading a team of workers, coordinate everything, maintaining a balance, and encourage those who work under his direction and lead.  He hopes you like the mod when it is released.  He wouldn't mind delegating a few of his titles to a new comber. 


The "C" in C.Ansel is his first initial, and Ansel is one of his middle names.  He lives happily with his wife in the Seattle area, practically in the backyard of Gas Powered Games.  He knows where their mail is delivered and is considering staking the place out to find out why they turned down his resume for a job. 






Brulion, who holds a degree in theoretical mathematics from Cornell University, is excited to be assisting the ever talented C.Ansel, Ccntmnky, Zaddy and the rest in this wonderful enterprise.

For anyone who complains that math is too hard or not practically useful, he offers this: just as you could never enjoy taste of ice cream without a cow in the field, you could never see graphics without linear algebra.  Bye-bye Dungeon Siege, hello Pong.   

A second example: simple number theory was thought to be the “toy” of math for 300 years as an interesting topic with no practical use.  However, in the 1970’s, RSA encryption was developed with the easiest algorithm ever – based on simple number theory.  The result?  Any jackhole with a computer can now create a code scheme that the NSA can’t easily break. 

And that’s what Brulion feels like compared to these other whizzes…a jackhole with a few computers.  He is honored to be helping them by providing FTP space and consultation in project direction.  If his life slows down, he will pick up more skritting skills and perhaps assist in the engineering of The Summoning Mod, but for now, he is content to provide de facto venture capital for the Mod as C.Ansel manages the project while he and his crew are doing the actual hard work.  Brulion lives and works happily in the warmth of Silicon Valley.









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TS-DS is an open MOD project.  The Summoning™ was a trademark of Even Horizon Software™, Dungeon Siege™ is a trademark of Gas Powered Games™.  For any information regarding the website content, contact C.Ansel.  For information regarding website access problems, contact Jaelus