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10.9.2002 - C.Ansel


Are you tired of the Dungeon Siege look in recent mods?:

One thing to look forward to in this mod is the fact that 90% of all the levels and objects are being remodeled and textured.  Though we are using the DS engine, this mod will definitely separate itself from that aging look that DS carries and every mod that's out there right now.  By the way, that Summary is coming soon.


Please Consider us:

Right now we are in the process of welcoming a new texture artists.  We would still love to have a few more join, especially modelers and animators.  I am currently the only one now.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Or, e-mail me if you have any questions/comments. 


New Hardware:

There has been a long delay since the last update.  This is partly due to the fact that I was researching and now have purchased a new video card: Gainward GeForce4 TI4200 64MB DDR.  Let me mention that Gainward makes fastest memory access time, 3.3ns-3.5ns for 64MB cards, which accounts for about 85% of your framerates/performance.  Those of you with 128MB, you have a great card, but also it was a lot of $.  No games are out that use 128MB memory, yet.  :) 


Silver Sword Update:

The silver sword has been updated.  It still appears like a dullish blade, staying true to the original silver sword from The Summoning, however, it is now enlarged and edited somewhat. 


Shield Added:

Not only did I add another shield, but I fixed the fact that the link was deleted.  It works now. 


Magic Items added:

I've added the magic items section which currently only includes the uraz rune


Music Updated:

The seume(zaddy) song has been totally overhauled and is now known as seumetolkein.  The sound on this bit is developing well.  Also, the 12oklok song does not actually have "scratchiness" as I mentioned earlier: the intention by the artist was to have a rain sound.  Currently he is working on sampling actual rain instead of a synth. 



10.1.2002 - C.Ansel


Music Added:

A new short song has been added that will be used to play during the times when Rowena visits your character within the labrynth.  He's working on the background noise.  Thank you Zaddy for your continual work.  By the way, where is your bio?  :) 


Website Concept Planned:

For those of you Dungeon Siege'ers out there that are a bit clueless of "The Summoning," a new section will be created that will briefly summarize the story line of the Summoning, of which this game will follow, more than moderately.  We might not be extremely exact, since we have the capacity to do so much more with the mod, but it will definitely be very very similar.  So, for those of you wondering, look for a new section posting in the next few days.



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