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Q: If I play for awhile, the graphics get messed up in the inventory and by the character face:

A: This and other graphics anomalies can usually be corrected by going into the palimpsest map and back out again.


Q: I can't get sound to work in The Summoning:

A: This may have to do with a lack of detectable memory, if you are using Windows XP, refer to the running The Summoning in Windows XP question. If you are running an earlier version of windows, try booting up in safe mode before you play (hold down the left shift key while booting up).


Q: I have problems running The Summoning through Windows XP:

A: First, create a shortcut to in the Summon directory.
Go into properties for that shortcut, under the compatibility tab set it to run in windows 95 compatibility mode.
Right beneath it the display settings box, check off run in 256 colors, run in 640x480 screen resolution, and disable visual themes.
Under the memory tab, set conventional, expanded, extended, and dpmi to Auto.
Run the shortcut, select a mouse, your sound card, and for expanded memory, increase it as far as it will go and then save the settings.

Next, create a shortcut to on your DESKTOP.. go into properties for that shortcut and set it EXACTLY like the shortcut you made for

Reboot your machine, while booting up keep hitting f8 until it takes you into the operating system selection screen.
Select VGA enabled mode. Once in windows, you will be able to run the game *perfectly* via the summon shortcut you created on your desktop.

When you want to play in the future, simply repeat step 3.

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