NEW!WarMonger animated cursor for windows: warmonger.ani

NEW!Play the game as Shadow Weaver: D212.SAV
You start out at the beginning of the game with a wizard's staff in your hands.. THIS STAFF IS NOT NORMAL.. it has over 65,000 charges.. You won't even need to touch a weapon for the entire game (well except maybe for WarMonger). This is a save game file, download it to the SAVES directory in your SUMMON folder (or whatever folder you have the game in). Enjoy!

The newest version of The Summoning is version 1.2
This patch was only available online via the SSI website, but is no longer available there.

The newest patch (v1.2): ts-v12ud.exe

The game DEMO for The Summoning:

The game DEMO for Veil of Darkness:

Spell Points Restoration Utility:

The Summoning FAQ: summoning.txt

The Summoning Screen Savers for Windows: Screen Savers for Windows

Game Manual for The Summoning: manual.txt

The Summoning Save Game Stats Editor: smeditor.exe


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