Say "Zebu" to Malachi (the first NPC you meet) instead of saying "Coins" (if you say "coins" first, this will not work), and he will open a teleporter to the northwest. Enter this teleporter to take you to a room with all the major storyline items in the game. Take the door out of that room and head up the hallway, and you're at the final confrontation in the game! Congratulations!


Once you learn the Gateway spell, you can use King Evermore's chamber in Other World 1 for item storage. Keep everything; you never know when some piece of junk is needed to solve a puzzle. Almost every common item is used at some point, even a few of the spell parchments.

A good strategy is to use Fehu Runes to make Odin Runes and pump up your strength. Try to leave one Fehu Rune unused at all times just in case you get stuck and need a particular common item to solve a puzzle. Sacks are also decent items to make from Fehu Runes. There aren't that many sacks in the game, and they increase your inventory capacity greatly while adding little weight.

You can get Ogotai to sell you the Djinn Bottle for much less money. If you type in "four" as a keyword, he will sell it to you for four coins. That's as low as he will go, and is significantly less than he asks for originally.

You can trick the Djinn into granting you two wishes. Simply save the game before using him, then pick "knowledge". After he tells you what he has to say, reload the game and pick one of the items. The Bag of Lightness is by far your best choice. The rest of the items are common and have limited use.

The Boots of Lightness are one of the most important items in the game. Do NOT use them for their intended purpose, to get you over the damage floor spots. This is a waste of the boots, as they last only about a minute, and the floor can be easily survived with constant healing. There are several places in the game where you have to choose one treasure out of several by going into a teleporter that seals off the other treasures. If you use the boots of lightness for a few seconds (long enough to get over the teleporters) it is very possible to get ALL the treasures. It is impossible to get all the magical weapons in the game if you do not have the Boots of Lightness. There are also some areas where the boots can make shortcuts for you in a similar manner.

A good strategy for tough enemies is to use poison, either arrows or the spell, and then run around avoiding them until they die.


Solution to the Ebon Knight's Teleport Maze:
How to Get There: Take Entrance Teleporter; then take teleporter to the southwest; then to the east; then north; east; west; west; east; west; east; and west.

If you don't have a hex editor, here's a great free one: AXE

Instructions on how to remove copy protection. (patched version only)
       Edit the file "CODE.1" with a hex editor.
       Look for:       E8 86 FB 59 33 F6 EB 2A C7 06
       Replace with: E8 86 FB 59 33 F6 EB 2F C7 06
       Or simply download this file and replace SUMMON\CODE.1
       with this new (already edited) version: CODE.1

An alternate method.
       Edit the file "CODE.1" with a hex editor.
       Position: 63061
       Change Into: 90 90
       At the copy protection screen, select any 5 faces and the game will continue.

Utility to remove copy protection:

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